15 October 2021

The tub armchair

On the market there are various types of armchairs, but we often hear about the tub armchair. But what is the tub chair? Read the article to learn more.

The tub armchair is a very used and widespread furnishing in Italian homes but not only, even in offices and waiting rooms.

It is, in fact, a compact seat that has aesthetic characteristics easily recognizable.

In particular, the tub armchair is composed of a single structure that embraces the seat. It includes both the side armrests and the rear backrest.

These features allow this armchair to maintain a modern and attractive style, perfect for modern living rooms but also for other rooms such as bedrooms, offices and waiting or meeting rooms.

On the market there are several models of tub armchair, from the most classic and simple variants to the most modern, vintage ones, or the most particular and original ones.

A very interesting example of this type of seat is our model Aron, the model proposed in photo.

The tub armchair

The tub armchair: our models

Our tub armchairs feature a very modern design with a compact structure, and offer impeccable comfort.

As is typical of this seat for waiting, in our models the structure embraces the seat cushion, remaining high and enveloping in the backrest and low and ergonomic nearby the side armrests.

The two models of tub armchair by Grendene are our popular mod. Aron 2700 and the new entry mod. Rudy 4600.

The mod. Aron has an internal structure in steel, which is then fully padded with cold foamed polyurethane. As for the coatings and colors, these can be chosen from all the available variants in the upholstery chart. This model can be fitted with glides or, alternatively, castors.

The mod. Rudy , instead, has a wooden structure padded with polyurethane foam. Unlike the mod. Aron, this model can only mount the glides.

Here below we can see mod. Aron on the left and mod. Rudy on the right.

In short, if you are looking for a modern and comfortable armchair, to be placed even in a small-size room, this type of seat will definitely be perfect for you.

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