Laboratory stools and chairs

Laboratory chairs and stools

Made in Italy swivel and safe laboratory stools and chairs guarantee excellent performance. They are built with innovative, resistant and certified materials, as well as easily sanitized. Their safe and stable structure and comfortable and ergonomic seat allow you to maintain a healthy posture and freedom of movement.
They are anatomical and ergonomic chairs, with compact dimensions, which allow for practicality in moving around. Simple to use, they are equipped with intelligent mechanisms that, thanks to flexible and intuitive adjustments, allow you to easily adapt to your individual habits.
Ideal for laboratories, production departments and assembly lines, supermarket cash registers, workshops, but also for clean rooms, medical centers and production departments of any company.
All our professional work chairs are available in different materials and finishes: beech wood, polyurethane, polypropylene or padded and upholstered in fabric and eco-leather.

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