Grendene Chairs Sostenibilità


The concept of sustainability includes several aspects: economic, social, environmental.
At the level of environmental responsibility, our goal is to improve the relationship between man and nature, while preserving the planet.
For this reason, we produce in an eco-sustainable way, minimizing waste levels and their consequent disposal, with reduced environmental impact.
We aim to activate a virtuous process of circular economy: to preserve the environment, we therefore build our products using recycled materials, made with waste that becomes raw material again; the chairs can be easily disassembled at the end of the product life.

Our chairs are resistant and durable, with a longer life cycle, designed to be converted, adapted, repaired, reused, resold, recycled in the future. This is one of the fundamental aspects to guarantee sustainability, which is why our slogan has become: Never ending chairs.

With our “Bring and Repair” service, we extend the life of the product. Because every chair we produce deserves to be lived for more than one life.

Grendene Chairs Sostenibilità
Grendene Chairs Sostenibilità

For a responsible and environmentally friendly sourcing of raw materials, we purchase certified materials from local suppliers.
Thanks to short distances, we optimize the flow of goods by reducing CO2 emissions and the carbon footprint.

Our chairs comply with national regulations, such as minimum environmental criteria, and international regulations, both in terms of safety and environmental protection and sustainability.
We are committed to respecting international agreements aimed at limiting and reducing greenhouse gases with the aim of tackling global warming on our planet.

We reduce the use of toxic and harmful substances, we do not use chemicals such as triclosane, formaldehyde, phthalates, formamide and halogen-based coating materials (bromine, chlorine, fluorine).

To make the padding, coatings and packaging of our products we use certified materials such as metal, wood, polyurethane, polypropylene, water-based paints.

Grendene Chairs Sostenibilità


The metal structures we use comply with environmental regulations and are available with trivalent chrome plating and painted finishes. They are coated with top quality epoxy powders that improve color stability and increase corrosion resistance.



We use wood raw materials from certified PEFC materials. Our wood comes entirely from FSC certified forests, thus guaranteeing the origin and correct exploitation of forest resources. The plantations are managed in a responsible and controlled way, the replacement of the cut trees is a regular process. And there is no clearing of forests or rainforests.

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FSC certification guarantees the protection of biodiversity and respect for the rights of local populations as well as people who work in the forest, who are adequately trained and have decent health and safety conditions and receive fair wages.



Our cold foamed polyurethane paddings do not contain CFC / HCFC (ODP = 0 do not contribute to the reduction of the atmospheric ozone layer, they can also be fireproof class 1- UNI 9175 according to current European standards (pursuant to Regulation EEC / 3039/1994 ).



Our upholsteries are fireproof, non-toxic and hypoallergenic; they have a high resistance to abrasion and rubbing. Fabrics come from our territory and are also chosen according to their sustainability, quality, innovation.



They are all made with high quality raw materials and are recyclable and environmentally friendly.



By choice we have decided to limit the use of plastic packaging and we prefer the use of recycled and recyclable packaging, which can be easily separated. We use cartons made with ecological papers and inks. All our packaging is made with a view to optimization, both in terms of storage and transport.

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Thanks to the composition of plant-derived resins, the water-based paints we use maintain a good quality while preserving the environment as they allow a strong reduction of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), i.e. chemical compounds usually present in normal water-based paints that, in room temperature, evaporate and can cause serious damage to human health, polluting the air.



To the point of social responsibility, we want workers around the world to be treated with respect and to work in fair and safe conditions.

human rights

Our code of conduct is aligned with the United Nations Global Compact of Human Rights, which includes compliance with labor laws, human rights, ethical conduct and the environment among its principles.


For us it is essential that our suppliers share the same mentality when it comes to environmental but also social responsibility.

In our own small way we too want to contribute: part of our proceeds is donated to the City of Hope and the San Bortolo Foundation.

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