29 October 2021

Choice of the office chair

Office chairs, as you already know, are very different from each other and there is a great variety of them, each with its own peculiarities. How to deal with the choice of the office chair then?

It may seem like a rather simple choice, but you will actually see that it is not at all, as there are many considerations to be made. But don’t worry, we at Grendene want to share a series of tips that can be useful for choosing an office chair.


Choice of the office chair: the location

Before even starting to evaluate the various models of chairs, it is necessary to set the context in which the chair will be placed. You have to ask yourself what it’s for, its daily use time and the place where it will be inserted, in short, what are your real needs.

All this is useful, so that you can already understand what to exclude when you look around searching for a product.

Clearly, if the chair has to be used 8 hours a day, it must ensure maximum comfort and adaptability to the needs of the user and then we will evaluate the purchase of an ergonomic armchair.

Among the various ergonomic armchairs in the catalogue, in this article Grendene proposes its own ergonomic armchair mod. Like 700 with mesh backrest, a model bought a lot recently.


choice of the office chair

If, instead, it serves for a reduced use, you can opt for a chair with simpler mechanisms, which offers less possibility of adjustment, but also a lower cost. Still, if you are looking for a chair to be placed in front of a desk, you could consider buying a visitor chair with a fixed structure. Following the above, Grendene recommends the visitor’s chair mod. Like 755.


choice of the office chair



As mentioned earlier, following the considerations made, we begin to evaluate the technical aspects of one chair rather than another, in order to find what we really need, so as to avoid the waste of time and money.

Work chairs must be comfortable, robust and offer a high possibility of adjustment, especially those specifically designed for a prolonged use.

There are also some optionals that every user can decide to install, for example the headrest, the seat translator, particularly recommended for tall people. Also a pair of good adjustable armrests can be important for a correct posture.

As for the castors, there is to assess how is the flooring of the room. This is because if you have hard floors, the best choice is to mount rubber castors, so that the latter do not ruin them. On the contrary, it will be better to mount normal castors if, for example, you want to use the chair on a carpet.


Aesthetic appearance and customization

Last but not least, there is also the aesthetic aspect. As we well know “appearance matters too” and this also applies to office chairs. Most of our collections offer the possibility to be customized, this to ensure that the product can always be comfortable in the context in which it is placed.

The customization of a product is very important, sometimes it can even be the reason why you make a choice rather than another one.

Grendene’s chairs have a high degree of customization, just think of the variety of coatings and colors present in our upholstery brochure; or the bases of different shape and material, or even the armrests, which can be fixed or adjustable.

We hope that this article has been helpful, but for any need do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you in choosing your chair.

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