23 July 2021

Home workstation? Yes, thanks to Fringe benefit

Do you need to set up a home working station? now, thanks to the Fringe benefits, it’s easier.

What are Fringe benefits?

These are tax-free bonuses that a company can choose to give to its employees. Thanks to Fringe benefits, the worker will be able to purchase furniture for the home working station with a sum exempt from taxes and contributions up to € 516.46.
They will appear in the pay slip as additional items to the salary, but are not taxable within a threshold established by law and do not contribute to forming the employee’s income.

Within the various amendments to the Sostegni Decree, the Chamber also approved the extension for the whole of 2021. Double the money allocated to the Fringe benefits: from 258.23 to € 516.46. Although this benefit has not been used much until now, it will be maintained until the end of the year.

Among these benefits there are usually the company car or meal vouchers, but the novelty is that today employers will be able to give bonuses to employees, also for the purchase of goods and services useful for setting up a home workstation. such as: office furniture, office chairs, desks, lighting systems.

Fringe benefits are corporate welfare tools that help companies preserve the health of workers.

This aid also serves as an incentive to revive hard-hit companies. These include all those in the sector of the production of ergonomic furniture and tools for office work.

Among the various office furniture items, we recommend that you pay attention to the choice of the chair for your home station.

We suggest you buy an ergonomic adjustable chair, for intensive use, such as our Like and Juke models. If you want to know more, visit the section dedicated to our ergonomic office chairs.

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