23 March 2020

5 good reasons to choose “smart working”

What’s smart working ?

Today more than ever we hear about “smart working” but what does it consist in? “Smart working” is the new approach to work within an organization, it is a model of working characterized by the absence of hourly or spatial constraints that exploits the technology of digital tools that allow to break down physical barriers of space and time.

This way of working remotely is established through an agreement between employee and employer. Working in “smart” mode, however, presupposes a path of cultural change and an evolution of corporate organizational models.

In fact, many entrepreneurs believe that in order to apply this way of working it is essential to adopt a corporate culture based on trust, autonomy, responsibility and predisposition to change.

It is also very important to establish appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor the results and objectives that have to be achieved. This way it is easy to quantify not only the business results but also those of the smart working itself.

Why choose smart working?

The first advantage concerns logistics: the worker no longer has to waste precious time on the journey from home to work, therefore avoids getting stuck in traffic and, above all, minimizes the risk of making accidents due to the haste to go to the office harming one’s health and that of others.

Second advantage, smart working allows a better balance between private and working life. This model in fact guarantees greater flexibility, as it facilitates all those workers with family and children to be more present, allowing them to pay more attention to their children, matching work duties with parenthood duties. Young people can also benefit from it as they can spend more time doing other activities, feeling more fulfilled, happy and consequently working more efficiently.

The third benefit, is related to the increase in productivity. In fact, thanks to the transition to work “for objectives” and no longer to work at “hours worked” and from the “control” to “trust” between boss and employee, workers feel more responsible and this favors an improvement in performance and objectives to be achieved, influencing positively employees’ motivation and satisfaction. 

Fourth, the smart working model inevitably creates a distance between agile worker and office dynamics.

This, wrongly, is perceived as a negative side as it does not favor the exchange of ideas with colleagues. Fortunately, however, with the technology we are all equipped with, it is very simple to overcome this obstacle. Indeed, this new way of working allows us not to be distracted or unnecessarily disturbed by our colleagues.

The last positive aspect, but not least, is that “agile” workers are guaranteed equal treatment compared to colleagues who operate in the traditional way. Therefore, protection is provided in the event of accidents and occupational diseases.

In conclusion, choosing smart working means creating value for both the worker and the company itself, as this way of working chooses to put the person at the center of the organization with the aim of converging his personal and professional objectives with those of the company, making it grow and increasing its productivity. All of this must obviously not go to the detriment of ergonomics and one’s own health. As it often happens, in fact, few people recreate, in their home, a real smart work station, preferring instead improvised workstations perhaps in the living room  or in the kitchen table using the classic four-legged chairs.

Nothing worse could be done for ergonomics, posture and for the back, which in the long run could give rise to annoying pains and aches, due to having assumed an incorrect working position over time.

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