Antistatic Chairs

Antistatic chairs

Gref is Grendene Chairs department that has been created with the strong mission to promote and guarantee safety for people exposed to electrostatic discharges in EPA areas.
Gref antistatic chairs and stools are engineered and manufactured complying the international standard IEC 61340-5-1, so that they can be used in Electrostatic Protected Areas. They are indeed an essential and irreplaceable dissipative vehicle for electrostatic charges since they perform a dual function:
– They prevent the generation of electrostatic charges on the sitting person’s body, despite one’s movements.
– They guarantee the grounding connection to the floor discharging the static electricity that may accumulate on the person’s body.

Gref 260 - Antistatic office chair with high backrest and adjustable armrests.

Ergonomy is a new line of antistatic high – performance chairs and stools. The anatomical and enveloping backrest, equipped with lumbar support, guarantees an optimal support and enables the user to work in absolute comfort and with a correct posture, also for very prolonged work shifts.

The innovative materials and the latest generation upholsteries guarantee the worker’s maximum safety and protection, as well as the perfect functioning of equipment. Ergonomy series complies to standard IEC 61340-5-1 requirements.

Gref 210 - ESD antistatic chair in conductive fabric with armrests

Comfort antistatic chairs and stools line is specifically created to satisfy the work requirements of production departments. Various combinations enable this antistatic chairs line to be adapted to one’s production needs.

Comfort E.S.D. series is available with fabric upholstery or in polyurethane. Both our upholsteries ensure maximum safety and protection. Comfort E.S.D. antistatic chairs and stools line complies to standard IEC 61340-5-1 requirements.

Gref 235 - Antistatic swivel work chair in integral poliurethane, with armrests.

Work is a particularly sturdy and solid antistatic chairs and stools line. It is specifically created to be inserted in high-intensity work environments.

Its adaptability and technical characteristics make this E.S.D. chairs line particularly flexible and suitable for use in industrial work stations. Work E.S.D. series is available both in fabric and polyurethane and it complies to standard IEC 61340-5-1 requirements.


What is E.S.D.?

Static electricity, or triboelectric charging, is the electric charge generated on a body through rubbing.
The main factor of this mechanism is given by a transfer of electrons from one body to another. Electrostatic charge is understood to be the quantity of electricity on a body that is electrified by rubbing.
The phenomenon with which the charge is wasted or with which the charge is neutralized is defined as electrostatic discharge, that is the transfer of charges from an electrified body to another body having an opposite sign charge.

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Human body can behave as a conductor and, if isolated from the floor, it can accumulated an electrostatic charge that can be damaging for the operator as for devices and production process.
Chair is a dissipative vehicle for the electrostatic charges and it is essential and irreplaceable within the antistatic equipment, in the implementation of an anti-E.S.D. system, because it performs a dual function:
1. They prevent the generation of electrostatic charges on the sitting person’s body, despite one’s movements.
2. They guarantee the earth connection through the floor discharging the static electricity that may accumulate on the person’s body.
Through Gref department, we have always been engaged in the safeguard of human being quality of life, in its work environment, and of the quality of production process. We have created E.S.D. series: swivel antistatic chairs and stools using innovative materials.
These products are engineered and developed using materials with latest generation antistatic and dissipative properties. They are specifically build to be used in specific industrial electrostatic protected environments such as in the field of: electronics, chemicals, pharmacy, healthcare, plastics, textile.
All GREF E.S.D. line antistatic and dissipative chairs and stools models have passed characterization tests and comply IEC 61340-5-1 norms.
Thanks to their ergonomic and comfort characteristics, Gref antistatic and dissipative chairs can be used in environments that are different from the above mentioned ones or in all sectors, in which an electrostatic protected environment is required (EPA areas).


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